Free Healing Spectrums Coherence Activation Sessions

Thanks for opting in for the Free Online Healing Spectrums Coherence Activation Sessions. This signup will allow you to participate in any weekly scheduled 15 minute Coherence Activation Session that takes place on Wednesdays at 1:00 pm CST. 

After completing this one time registration, you will receive an email with the password for the page on the website where you can then select the session you wish to attend. We will make sure to send you any updates you may need pertaining to the sessions or other news that will be useful in helping maintain greater health and well-being. 

Also, be sure to visit the pre-launch page (here) for my upcoming book - That Time I Died: An Extraordinary Journey Beyond the Veil of Life and Death 
(Due for early Spring 2023 release)

We value your privacy and never share your information.




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